Site Introduction

Derrel FincherIt was my great honor to serve as a state representative for Oklahoma House District 11 from 2018 to 2020. I used data, facts, and evidence to evaluate policy changes and bills. In deciding how to vote , I read the bills, evaluated any given changes in them, and analyze the quality of the facts and evidence used to support the given policy. And, as a Republican, I followed core Republican tenets.

In times of high stress and heightened social, economic and health concerns, I know it is tempting to use emotional hot buttons rather than conversations about policy. But for the good of Oklahoma, we should make decisions that are right because they are the right decision, which I strove to do, not because somebody manipulated our emotions.
I am also aware that there have been misrepresentations about my voting record. I kept detailed notes on what I voted on, even on many bills that never made it to the floor. My practice of detailed notes has proved to be useful when addressing misrepresentations about my decision-making process and voting record. A small portion of this site will be dedicated to the truthful information on my legislative process while in term.

Moving forward, I plan to continue to keep the needs of the people of our Oklahoma communities in my thoughts and in future endeavors. As I did in office, I follow the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. As COVID-19 is accelerating here in Oklahoma, and based on the best current scientific evidence, I continue to encourage people to mask up!
These core points are in separate sub-pages found in this website. More information will be added as the months go on. I welcome you to the start of the Republican Fincher site.